Modern Humans' Advanced Weapons Outclassed the Neanderthals

Modern Humans' Advanced Weapons Outclassed the Neanderthals

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A team of Japanese and Italian researchers, sponsored by Tohoku University, have proven evidence of mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe dating to 45,000 - 40,000 years ago -- more than 20,000 years sooner than previously thought. This study, entitled " The earliest evidence for mechanically delivered projectile weapons in Europe " published in Nature Ecology & Evolution , indicated that the spear thrower and bow-and-arrow technologies allowed modern humans to hunt more successfully than Neanderthals -- giving them a competitive advantage. This discovery offers important insight to understanding the reasons for the replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans.

Apparently, Neanderthals and modern humans coexisted in Europe for at least 5,000 years. However, little is known about why modern humans could increase their population size after migrating to Europe and successfully occupy new territories, while autochthonous Neanderthals went extinct approximately 40,000 years ago.

The Study of Artifacts From the Uluzzian Culture

The research team included 17 scientists from Italy and Japan, coordinated by the archaeologists Katsuhiro Sano (Center for Northeast Asian Studies, Tohoku University) and Adriana Moroni (Department of Environment, Earth and Physical Sciences, University of Siena), and the paleoanthropologist Stefano Benazzi (Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna).

They studied 146 crescent-shaped backed pieces (also referred to as lunates or segments) retrieved from the Uluzzian culture of Grotta del Cavallo (southern Italy), the first Upper Paleolithic culture developed by modern humans in Europe. “Similar backed pieces have been observed in East Africa , although there is no archaeological evidence indicating a route from East Africa into Europe. To better understand the differences in the Uluzzian practices from previous lithic traditions, as well as the significance of the emergence of this new culture in Europe, it was crucial to identify the function of the backed pieces,” said Adriana Moroni.

Broken experimental replicas of Uluzzian backed pieces. ( Nature Ecology & Evolution )

The Team Analyzed the Hunting Weapons

The backed pieces were macroscopically and microscopically analyzed using a Hirox digital microscope and results were compared with use-wear patterns on experimental samples. Through this analysis, diagnostic impact fractures and microscopic impact linear traces were found on numerous backed pieces, demonstrating that they were used as hunting weapons .

“The diagnostic impact fractures showed the similar patterns of experimental samples delivered by a spear thrower and a bow, but were significantly different from those observed on throwing and thrusting samples,” said Katsuhiro Sano. “Modern humans migrating into Europe equipped themselves with mechanically delivered projectile weapons , such as a spear thrower-dart or a bow-and-arrow, which was a higher impact energy hunting strategy and offered modern humans a substantive advantage over Neanderthals,” concluded Sano.

Tip of a Schöningen spear (a) and representative Uluzzian backed pieces, used by modern humans, from Grotta del Cavallo (b). ( Nature Ecology & Evolution )

Ancient Adhesive Used by Modern Humans

Furthermore, fourier transform-infrared (FTIR) spectromicroscopy of residue on several pieces demonstrate that the backed pieces were hafted using a complex adhesive, including ochre, plant gum, and beeswax, which stabilized the hafting. “Comparison with FTIR spectroscopy analyses of several red deposit and soil samples recovered from Grotta del Cavallo ruled out organic contaminants from the burial environment and confirmed the presence of ochre as a mixture of silicate and iron oxides,” said Chiaramaria Stani (Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste).

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Possible hafting modes of Uluzzian backed pieces based on the distribution of residue. ( Nature Ecology & Evolution )

“As the advanced hunting strategy is straightforwardly related to a competitive advantage, this study offered important insight to understand the reasons for the replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans,” said Stefano Benazzi. Benazzi is Principal Investigator of the ERC project n.724046 -- SUCCESS, a project aimed at understanding when modern humans arrived in southern Europe, the biocultural processes that favored their successful adaptation, and the final cause of Neanderthal extinction .

    Who would win in a fight between a Neanderthal man vs average modern man?

    If it’s close combat, and we’re pitting the average blue collar Joe against the average male Neanderthal in his prime, the Neanderthal would win, no contest.

    Even though the Neanderthal would be shorter, stockier, and have inferior reach and throwing ability, his bone density, bone size, and muscle mass is generally higher than that of the modern human man, meaning that he’ll be able to withstand a punch and deliver a (significantly) more powerful one in return.
    These guys also had a wider pelvis and lower center of gravity than modern humans, which means that H. N. would be harder to throw off balance, and he’d be a better grappler. If it comes to wrestling, and he gets you in a hold, that’s a hold you’re not getting out of.

    What’s more is that the average Joe’s psyche would probably cripple him after the first few punches and the sight of his own blood loss. Humans are unique in that we can’t handle being wounded very well. Whereas most animals continue to struggle even after they’ve been dealt a mortal wound, humans tend to pass out after sustaining intense injuries. The average man, especially one who has little to no experience dealing and being dealt serious physical hits, is most likely going to fall unconscious after H. N. breaks a few bones and gives him a crunches (and, yes, he’ll bite harder than you ever could). A Neanderthal, on the other hand, would probably keep fighting you until his bitter end. He won’t pass out until you’ve actually made his heart stop beating.

    But even if we disregard all of that, H. N. would still have, by way of his survivalist lifestyle, superior physical fitness, endurance, and fighting ability.

    Neandertals and moderns mixed, and it matters

    João Zilhão is Professor of Paleolithic Archaeology at the University of Bristol. In 1995–1997, he directed the scientific research and the Archaeological Park setup and management work in the Côa Valley (Portugal), and prepared the nomination of its open-air Paleolithic rock art for UNESCO's World Heritage status (listed December 1998). In 1998–1999, he directed the excavation of the Lagar Velho child burial and, in 2004–2005, the archeological work inside the Oase karstic system. In recognition for his contributions to European Prehistory, he received a Research Award from the Humboldt Foundation (2003) and the Europa Prize of the London Prehistoric Society (2005).

    João Zilhão is Professor of Paleolithic Archaeology at the University of Bristol. In 1995–1997, he directed the scientific research and the Archaeological Park setup and management work in the Côa Valley (Portugal), and prepared the nomination of its open-air Paleolithic rock art for UNESCO's World Heritage status (listed December 1998). In 1998–1999, he directed the excavation of the Lagar Velho child burial and, in 2004–2005, the archeological work inside the Oase karstic system. In recognition for his contributions to European Prehistory, he received a Research Award from the Humboldt Foundation (2003) and the Europa Prize of the London Prehistoric Society (2005).


    Twenty-five years ago, the Middle-to-Upper Paleolithic transition in Europe could be represented as a straightforward process subsuming both the emergence of symbolic behavior and the replacement of Neandertals by modern humans. The Aurignacian was a proxy for the latter, during which enhanced cognitive capabilities explained ornaments and art. The few instances of Neandertal symbolism were deemed to long postdate contact and dismissed as “imitation without understanding,” if not geological contamination. Such views were strengthened by the recent finding that, in southern Africa, several features of the European Upper Paleolithic, including bone tools, ornaments, and microliths, emerged much earlier. Coupled with genetic suggestions of a recent African origin for extant humans, fossil discoveries bridging the transition between “archaics” and “moderns” in the realm of anatomy (Omo-Kibish, Herto) seemingly closed the case. Over the last decade, however, taphonomic critiques of the archeology of the transition have made it clear that, in Europe, fully symbolic sapiens behavior predates both the Aurignacian and moderns. And, in line with evidence from the nuclear genome rejecting strict replacement models based on mtDNA alone, the small number of early modern specimens that passed the test of direct dating present archaic features unknown in the African lineage, suggesting admixture at the time of contact.

    In the realm of culture, the archeological evidence also supports a Neandertal contribution to Europe's earliest modern human societies, which feature personal ornaments completely unknown before immigration and are characteristic of such Neandertal-associated archeological entities as the Châtelperronian and the Uluzzian. The chronometric data suggest that, north of the Ebro divide, the entire interaction process may have been resolved within the millennium centered around 42,000 calendar years ago. Such a rapid absorption of the Neandertals is consistent with the size imbalance between the two gene reservoirs and further supports significant levels of admixture.

    Neandertal Ways of Life

    Neandertals were large-brained and large-bodied robust hominins, their long and flat skulls characterized by features that distinguish them from other members of the genus Homo, including a strong midfacial prognathism and a globular shape of the cranium when viewed from behind. Their overall body form was characterized by a short stature, a wide trunk, and a “barrel-shaped” chest, somewhat comparable to today’s humans from colder regions (39), and possibly entailing higher energetic needs compared with modern humans (41).

    Considerable attention has been given to the question whether they showed the prolonged growth period of modern humans, an important characteristic of the knowledge-intensive hunter-gatherer niche (42). Focusing on tooth growth as an indication for somatic growth, one study concluded that Neandertal dental growth patterns are encompassed within the modern human range of interpopulation variation (43). More recent studies found evidence for faster dental maturation in most Neandertals (44), inferred to be consistent with cranial evidence for subtle developmental differences between Neanderthals and Homo sapiens (45, 46), which could have impacted the length of the critical learning period. Analysis of an immature hominin mandible from the more than 800,000-y-old TD6 level at Atapuerca (Spain), however, suggests that the source population of both Neandertals and modern humans already had a fully modern pattern of dental development (47).

    A series of comparative studies of young vs. older adult mortality distributions for Neandertals and early modern humans, as well as early Upper Paleolithic, addressed possible differences between the populations (48, 49). These studies indicate “…only subtle and paleontologically invisible changes in human paleodemographics with the establishment of modern humans “ (49), an assessment that might need to be qualified in the light of the difficulties in establishing longevity, because of the problems with aging adult skulls. Interestingly, the traumas identified in Neandertal skeletal remains are no different from extant hunter-gatherers (50, 51).

    Hunting clearly was the main method of meat procurement by Neandertals (52, 53), from the very beginning of the lineage onward, as illustrated by the ∼300,000-y-old carefully crafted (54) wooden spears and the associated remains of large ungulate prey animals at Schőningen (Germany) (55 ⇓ –57). Stone-tipped spears seem to have been part of their hunting equipment too (58 ⇓ ⇓ –61). They hunted a wide range of animals including reindeer and horse in colder settings up to the larger herbivores of interglacial forested environments, such as rhinoceros (62), deer, and bovids (63), with some assemblages documenting a strong focus on prey animals in their prime and patterns of faunal exploitation comparable to recent hunter-gatherers (64). Earlier carbon and nitrogen isotope studies of collagen from Neandertal skeletal remains suggested that they were top-level carnivores obtaining most of their proteins from terrestrial animals, likely medium and large herbivores such as bovids and horses (65), but the Neandertals sampled were mostly from northern open and cold stage environmental settings. These results have been complemented by studies demonstrating a much broader diet, including aquatic foods (fish and molluscs), small animals (including tortoises, birds, and rabbits), and a variety of plant resources across their range (2, 66, 67). Some of those plant remains were very probably cooked, as suggested by plant microfossils recovered from the calculus of Neandertal teeth (68), a new source of data regarding the food of early hominins (69 ⇓ –71). A recent study (67) compared Neandertal plant use to that of African Middle Stone Age (MSA) populations and Upper Paleolithic groups, but failed to find any differences between Neandertals and contemporary near-modern humans, as well as more recent ones.

    Marine shellfish collecting, seen by some as a distinctive trait of modern humans (72), has been documented at various Neandertal sites on the Iberian peninsula. Bajondillo Cave (Spain), close to the sea shore during all phases of the Pleistocene, yielded evidence for continuous use of coastal resources between ∼150 and 40 ka (73), its early dates coinciding with the first evidence for exploitation of marine resources by early modern humans at Pinnacle Point in South Africa. As discussed by Klein and Bird (74), near-coastal rockshelters with fills that formed during low sea level periods are very rare, limited to coasts with a steep offshore profile, such as at Bajondilla Cave. The known record thus cannot show when people, Neandertals or archaic humans, first collected shellfish. Given the high nutritional value and the ease with which shellfish can be collected, this very probably started long before 150,000 y ago (75).

    With the beginning of the Neandertal lineage now situated in the first half of the Middle Pleistocene, the stone tools produced by the earliest Neandertals can be classified as Acheulean, a handaxe-dominated technological tradition that ended approximately 300,000 y ago in Europe. The Acheulean saw a distribution over major parts of the Old World, including Africa, Europe, and parts of Asia. The beginning of the Middle Paleolithic, around MIS 8, is characterized by the Levallois method, a technique to extract blanks of predetermined form from carefully prepared cores. From around 300 ka onward, Neandertals again shared with their MSA contemporaries the use of this Levallois method (76), whereas alongside the Levallois technique, older, more expedient, techniques kept on being used by Middle and Late Pleistocene African and Eurasian populations. The blanks obtained by the Levallois and other techniques could be used as such or after having been retouched for sharpness or strength. The Middle Paleolithic is a period of technological diversity, with the production of flakes, blades, points, and to a lesser extent, bifacial pieces, documented throughout the entire ∼250,000 y (37) in both the Neandertal record and in the record of near-modern humans in the Levant (77). The higher resolution of data for the later (i.e., Late Pleistocene) parts of the Middle Paleolithic has enabled the identification of clear spatiotemporal units, including the Mousterian of Acheulian Tradition (MTA) of Southwest France (78) and the Quina Mousterian, dated between 70 and 40 ka. The Dordogne area in southwest France is famous for a recurrent succession of Ferrassie, Quina, and MTA (79, 80), whereas in Spain, Quina can be found directly underneath transitional or Upper Paleolithic assemblages (81). The Keilmessergruppen (KMG) of Central Europe, dated between MIS 5 and MIS 3, have bifacial tools that are technologically and typologically well-defined guide fossils. The KMG can be further subdivided into separate inventory types in a clear chronological succession and with regional differentiation (82, 83). As detailed elsewhere (2), these technocomplexes may in terms of their duration have been similar to the contemporaneous South African MSA technocomplexes of the Stillbay and the Howiesons Poort.

    Neandertal lithic assemblages show a strong focus on the exploitation of local (<5 km from the site) raw materials, with transport of stone artifacts over larger distances (>50 km) occurring in small, variable proportions. One of the striking features of the Middle Paleolithic record is the ubiquitous transport of stone artifacts of a wide variety of forms, selected by Neandertals using criteria that were sometimes far removed from what archeologists consider to be desired end products of knapping activities, including small irregular flakes and, in a few cases, even chunks, accidental byproducts of flaking (84). Some rock shelter sites show the reuse of already patinated blanks or the introduction of naturally broken pieces of flint, geofacts picked up en route and used as blanks for tool production. This relaxed attitude toward tool blanks is comparable to what has been documented in the Australian record (85), whereas also earlier phases of the Upper Paleolithic—including the Aurignacian—show strong similarities to Middle Paleolithic raw material strategies, at least in the well-studied Aquitaine basin in southwestern France (84).

    The mobile character of Neandertal lifestyles, as suggested by the spatial fragmentation of their stone tool production, is also borne out by their archeological sites, where only very little investment in site furniture (86), i.e., archeologically visible remains of dwelling structures or stone-lined fire-places, has been documented, as is the case for their African MSA contemporaries also. If Neandertals built structures (87), they were generally not significant enough to leave clear archeological traces.

    There exists considerable debate over the antiquity of fire use in the human lineage, but both the European (88) and Levantine record (89) suggest that fire became a fixed part of the hominin repertoire around 350,000 y ago—even though some have suggested that Neandertals, although proficient fire users, were not able to produce fire at will (90, 91). Most Neandertal sites yielded traces of fire use, at some sites in the form of stacked fireplaces—simple lenses of ash and charcoal—testifying to repetitive occurrences of fires over longer periods of time, as at Roc de Marsal (France) and Kebara (Israel), features comparable to the fire places of the Klasies River Mouth caves in South Africa (92).

    The heat treatment of silcrete in the African MSA has been presented as “the earliest known pyrotechnology” (12), dating back to ∼160 ka (93). The complexity of heat treatment (i.e., requiring more or less steps for its realization) is debated (12, 94, 95), with a recent study yielding strong evidence that it could be conducted directly using an open fire, alongside other daily, fire-related activities (96). It certainly is a simple procedure compared with the complex technology recipe for Neandertal glues, based on using fire to synthesize pitch from birch bark, through a multistep process that relied on strict control of temperature and required a dry distillation excluding oxygen (88, 97). The oldest finds date to more than 200 ka (98), and other such pitches come from Late Pleistocene Neandertal sites in Germany of approximately 80 ka (99). Like modern humans heating their silcrete at Pinnacle Point, Neandertals also used fire as a transformative technology to heat treat existing natural materials, such as bitumen for hafting purposes (100).

    Late Pleistocene near-modern humans in South Africa are often credited with a “complex cognition” that would have produced a “symbolically mediated worldview and facilitated language ability” (12). The use of iron oxides (purportedly as pigments for personal decoration), the use of transported marine shells, and the presence of cross-hatched lines on pieces of bone and ochre are often taken as a proxy for such complex cognition. However, translating archeological finds into statements about complex cognition and use of symbols involves a series of inferential steps, only some of which can be supported by solid evidence, given the elusive character of symbols from past societies (101). Comparable chains of inference have been built around evidence for Neandertal use of manganese blocs (102), transported and ochre-smeared marine shells (103, 104), use of raptor claws (105, 106), and Neandertal exploitation of bird feathers (105, 107). Such uses have been documented repeatedly, at various sites, and hence seem to have been part of the Neandertal behavioral repertoire. The context of the use (functional, symbolical, both) of these finds is unknown, as explicitly stated for the early (250 ka) ochre finds at Maastricht-Belvédère (The Netherlands) (108), and needs further exploration, as underlined by a recent study of manganese dioxides in late Middle Paleolithic sites in southwest France (109). What is important here is that we have comparable evidence both from the Neandertal world, as well as from the African MSA. It should not come as a surprise that the record from these two areas indicates somewhat different trajectories, with, for example, the use of manganese very rare in the MSA but common in the later Middle Paleolithic, and the late Neandertals (of the so-called Châtelperronian) developing their own ways of producing personal ornaments (110).

    A geometric engraving earlier than the ones from Blombos in South Africa has recently been published from the Homo erectus site of Trinil, Java. The marking, dated to around 450 ka (75), is a unique case thus far, but it shows that such engravings were within the range of the capacities of the hominin metapopulation already in the middle part of the Middle Pleistocene.

    A lot of ink has been spilled on another issue thought to be relevant for the symbolic domains of the Neandertal world: burials. The presence of a number of fully articulated Neandertal skeletons (see ref. 111, table S7 for a west European sample) suggests that some Neandertals covered dead conspecifics with sediments, i.e., that they buried their dead. However, as ref. 112 emphasizes, we have to differentiate between a burial—a body covered with sediment—and a funeral, which denotes a symbolic ritual possibly based on spiritual beliefs. In the absence of unambiguous grave goods associated with Neandertal skeletons, we have no evidence whatsoever for funerals in the Neandertal record. Burials by contemporary near-modern humans are limited to the ones from Qafzeh and Skuhl in Israel, strongly resembling those of the Neandertals “… in their essential simplicity” (92). This description applies to many Upper Paleolithic burials also, however: a recent review of the Upper Paleolithic burials in Eurasia (113) concludes (i) that for the whole of the Eurasian Upper Paleolithic, there is only a small number of burials (3/1,000 y), (ii) the earliest Upper Paleolithic burials postdate the arrival of modern humans in Europe by ∼10,000 y, (iii) Upper Paleolithic burials differ widely in terms of elaborateness, and (iv) in many cases, the evidence for funerary rituals is very thin, with the authors suggesting that most of the items traditionally considered as Upper Paleolithic grave goods are probably personal ornaments worn in life. Elaborate forms of burial behavior certainly existed within the Upper Paleolithic (see ref. 114 for an overview), as exemplified by the 27,000-y-old ochre-covered infant burials of Krems-Wachtberg (Austria) (115) and the 2,000-y younger Sunghir (Russia) burials, but most burials were vastly more sober and not as different from the Neandertal record as commonly thought.

    What’s a Mother to Do? The Division of Labor among Neandertals and Modern Humans in Eurasia

    Recent huntergatherers display much uniformity in the division of labor along the lines of gender and age. The complementary economic roles for men and women typical of ethnographically documented huntergatherers did not appear in Eurasia until the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic. The rich archaeological record of Middle Paleolithic cultures in Eurasia suggests that earlier hominins pursued more narrowly focused economies, with womens activities more closely aligned with those of men with respect to schedule and ranging patterns than in recent forager systems. More broadly based economies emerged first in the early Upper Paleolithic in the eastern Mediterranean region and later in the rest of Eurasia. The behavioral changes associated with the Upper Paleolithic record signal a wider range of economic and technological roles in forager societies, and these changes may have provided the expanding populations of Homo sapiens with a demographic advantage over other hominins in Eurasia.

    Article DOI


    2006 by The WennerGren Foundation for Anthropological Research. All rights reserved

    Humans Advance Swiftly

    For every species bar one, Medieval Stasis is how the world works. Changes in technology and society take hundreds of years, and any existing alien civilization or elf kingdom today looks more or less the same as it did a century ago - or will in a century more. For most races in the setting, slow change is the norm.

    The great exception are humans. Somehow these talking plains apes, who have only learned to walk fully upright a few hundred thousand years ago, have mastered technology and civilization in a fraction of the time it took everyone else, despite their incredibly short individual lifespans. Or maybe it is that very brevity that drives humans, the sense that they don't have decades to spare and need to accomplish things now. Or the rapid generational turnover means that once we become set in our ways we don't last long enough to impose our views on successors still young enough to be open-minded to new ideas.

    Extremely common in both fantasy and sci-fi.

    In some cases, the trope may be an excuse for people living 20 Minutes into the Future to go toe-to-toe with Kardeshev II alien civilizations.

    Berserker vs Philistine

    Berserker:The crazy bearskin-clad warrior,known for their rage in battle.

    Philistine:The Palestinian warrior,known as the "Sea People" which intimitaded their foes To find out our world class fighters are testing histories most lethal weapons.Using 21st century science,we see what happens when 2 warriors go toe to toe.No rules,no safety,no mercy.It's a duel to the death,history will be rewritten,but only 1 will be crowned the Deadliest Warrior.

    First Berserker, The regular Vikings warriors of old where formidable hit-and-run raiders, yet their prowess in battle and savagery was nothing compared to those whom all feared, those whom the Vikings used effectively as bestial shock troops, those who had the strength of wild beasts: the Berserkers. The Berserkers where bear-skin clad warriors who fought with no armor and in a crazed frenzy brought about by their rituals and chants. Some wore these skins over most of their body, with the head and jaw skins over their heads and faces, while others wore the skins like a cape, with the upper head and ear skins covering the tops of their heads and exposing their faces. The latter went into battle otherwise naked. A similar group of warriors, the wolf-skin clad Ulfhednar (pronounced Ulf-heth-nar), where just as powerful and mad as the Beserkers, and eventually where absorbed by them.

    When Berserkers fought they where said to be immune to arrows, swords and fire, to be as strong as bears or bulls, and immune to pain. It seems that, whatever the rituals and chants that brought about their inner, bestial natures, also brought about major adrenaline surges, increasing their strength and speed to superhuman levels (possibly upwards of 10 times their normal strength: beyond this and ligaments and joints will tear), rendering them immune to pain, and lessening their blood flow. Many of the ideas we have of Vikings stem from the Berserkers. The Ulfehdnar, in particular, due to their powers in battle and dress, was a major influence of European Werewolf Legends.

    The "Wendol" of Michael Crighton's "The 13th Warrior/Eaters of the Dead", which where neanderthals in bearskins, where inspired by Berserkers.

    The Berserker is going wild with:

    Now,The  Philistines has been suggested that the Casluhite Philistines formed part of the "Sea Peoples" who repeatedly attacked Egypt during the later Nineteenth Dynasty. Though they were eventually repulsed by Ramses III, he finally resettled them, according to the theory, to rebuild the coastal towns in Canaan. Papyrus Harris I details the achievements of the reign of Ramses III. In the brief description of the outcome of the battles in Year 8 is the description of the fate of the Sea Peoples. Ramses tells us that, having brought the imprisoned Sea Peoples to Egypt, he "settled them in strongholds, bound in my name. Numerous were their classes like hundred-thousands. I taxed them all, in clothing and grain from the storehouses and granaries each year." Some scholars suggest it is likely that these "strongholds" were fortified towns in southern Canaan, which would eventually become the five cities (the Pentapolis) of the Philistines. Israel Finkelstein has suggested that there may be a period of 25–50 years after the sacking of these cities and their reoccupation by the Philistines. It is quite possible that for the initial period of time, the Philistines were housed in Egypt, only subsequently late in the troubled end of the reign of Ramses III would they have been allowed to settle Philistia.

    The connection between Mycenaean culture and Philistine culture was made clearer by finds at the excavation of Ashdod, Ekron, Ashkelon, and more recently Gath, four of the five Philistine cities in Canaan. The fifth city is Gaza. Especially notable is the early Philistine pottery, a locally made version of the Aegean Mycenaean Late Helladic IIIC pottery, which is decorated in shades of brown and black. This later developed into the distinctive Philistine pottery of the Iron Age I, with black and red decorations on white slip known as Philistine Bichrome ware.[16] Also of particular interest is a large, well-constructed building covering 240 square metres (2,600 sq ft), discovered at Ekron. Its walls are broad, designed to support a second story, and its wide, elaborate entrance leads to a large hall, partly covered with a roof supported on a row of columns. In the floor of the hall is a circular hearth paved with pebbles, as is typical in Mycenaean megaron hall buildings other unusual architectural features are paved benches and podiums. Among the finds are three small bronze wheels with eight spokes. Such wheels are known to have been used for portable cultic stands in the Aegean region during this period, and it is therefore assumed that this building served cultic functions. Further evidence concerns an inscription in Ekron to PYGN or PYTN, which some have suggested refers to "Potnia", the title given to an ancient Mycenaean goddess. Excavations in Ashkelon, Ekron, and Gath reveal dog and pig bones which show signs of having been butchered, implying that these animals were part of the residents' diet. Among other findings there are wineries where fermented wine was produced, as well as loom weights resembling those of Mycenaean sites in Greece.

    It has been theorized that the latter Philistines originated among the "sea peoples". Modern archaeology has also suggested early cultural links with the Mycenaean world in Greece. Though the Philistines adopted local Canaanite culture and language before leaving any written texts (and later adopted the Aramaic language), an Indo-European origin has been suggested for a handful of known Philistine words that survived as loanwords in Hebrew.

    Inscriptions written by the Philistines have not yet been found or conclusively identified however, their early history is known to scholars from inscriptions in other ancient documents, such as Ancient Egyptian texts. The Philistines appear in four different texts from the time of the New Kingdom under the name Peleshet. Two of these, the inscriptions at Medinet Habu and the Rhetorical Stela at Deir al-Medinah, are dated to the time of the reign of Ramses III (1186–1155 BC). Another was composed in the period immediately following the death of Ramses III (Papyrus Harris I). The fourth, the Onomasticon of Amenope, is dated to some time between the end of the 12th or early 11th century BCE.

    The inscriptions at Medinet Habu consist of images depicting a coalition of Sea Peoples, among them the Philistines, who are said in the accompanying text to have been defeated by Ramses III during his Year 8 campaign. Scholars have been unable to conclusively determine which images match what peoples described in the reliefs depicting two major battle scenes. A separate relief on one of the bases of the Osirid pillars with an accompanying hieroglyphic text clearly identifying the person depicted as a captive Peleset chief is of a bearded man without headdress.

    The Rhetorical Stela are less discussed, but are noteworthy in that they mention the Peleset together with a people called the Teresh, who sailed "in the midst of the sea". The Teresh are thought to have originated from the Anatolian coast and their association with the Peleshet in this inscription is seen as providing some information on the possible origin and identity of the Philistines.

    The Harris Papyrus which was found in a tomb at Medinet Habu also recalls Ramses III's battles with the Sea Peoples, declaring that the Peleset were "reduced to ashes." Egyptian strongholds in Canaan are also mentioned, including a temple dedicated to Amun, which some scholars place in Gaza however, the lack of detail indicating the precise location of these strongholds means that it is unknown what impact these had, if any, on Philistine settlement along the coast.

    The first mention in an Egyptian source of the Philistines in conjunction with three of the five cities that are said in the Hebrew Bible to have made up their pentapolis comes in the Onomasticon of Amenope. The sequence in question read: "Ashkelon, Ashdod, Gaza, Assyria, Shubaru Sherden, Tjekker, Peleset, Khurma" Scholars have advanced the possibility that the other Sea Peoples mentioned were connected to these cities in some way as well.

    Also, even if they were from the late bronze age, archeological finds have determined that the Philistines had already mastered Iron in some level in their weapons and armor.

    Video Game / Chrono Trigger

    Chrono Trigger is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System it was developed by Squaresoft in conjunction with several members of then-rival Enix and released in 1995. The game tells the story of Crono, a Heroic Mime who meets a young girl named Marle at his hometown's Millennial Fair, a festival thrown to celebrate the dawn of the year 1000 AD. When a teleportation device made by Crono's best friend, Lucca, goes out of control and sends Marle four hundred years into the past, Crono jumps in after her, kicking off an adventure throughout time that will span millions of years.

    Chrono Trigger was the last hurrah for the golden age of epic JRPGs on the SNES, and the crown jewel in a hit series of Square games that included Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, and several others that no one bothered to release outside Japan. The game features art and character designs by Dragon Ball mangaka Akira Toriyama and music by Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, and Noriko Matsueda. Also unique is the battle system, which combined the Active Time Battle system of Final Fantasy VI with position-based special moves known as Techs, often requiring the player to wait and time their attacks accordingly to maximize damage output.

    Square followed up Chrono Trigger with two sequels. The first, Radical Dreamers for the Satellaview, has not seen the light of day outside of Japan like the Satellaview add-on itself, though a translated ROM is available online. The second, Chrono Cross for the PlayStation, incorporates parts of Radical Dreamers. Chrono Trigger itself has a PS1 port that adds a number of brief anime cutscenes and a few plot modifications to get it in sync with the then-still-in-development Chrono Cross. Square Enix published a long-awaited Updated Re-release in late 2008 for the Nintendo DS this re-release retained the good parts of the PS1 port, re-translated the script to overcome the hurdles of both censorship and memory limitations present in the mid-1990s, and threw in some bonus dungeons and a new ending for good measure. note This port also saw a European release in 2009. Since then, it has seen releases on Apple's iOS platform in 2011, Android in 2012, and Steam in 2018.

    This has nothing to do with the series about a nun and a demon despite said series having a name that falls into the same naming convention as the games.

    Useless trivia: this was one of the last Square games to be developed on Apple hardware before they switched to Silicon Graphics workstations. Square is notable as one of few Japanese developers, if not the only one, to develop games on Apple computers, and at least one Square employee did all of his work on the Apple II well into the SNES days.

    Please read before viewing: this page contains numerous spoilers from Chrono Cross, which are not labeled as such outside of the spoiler markers, so read carefully from this point forward if you don't want to have Chrono Cross spoiled. Please try to mark any spoilers involving Chrono Cross if you hide a spoiler from that game.

    Project 641 (NATO Foxtrot)

    The Foxtrot boats were intended as a follow-on to the Zulu class, but only 62 of an anticipated programme of 160 were completed as the change to nuclear boats took effect. These diesel-electric submarines were built at Sudomekh between 1959 and 1983 and formed the bulk of the Soviet submarine force in the Mediterranean in the 1960s and 1970s. These boats were also exported to Cuba, India and Libya.

    A Foxtrot attack submarine belonging to the Cuban navy. These boats were intended to replace the earlier Zulu class derived from the German Type XXI U-boat.

    A Foxtrot at speed, showing the clean lines of these submarines. The red-and-white buoy recessed into the deck forward of the sail is the tethered rescue buoy. The bow diving planes retract into the hull almost level with the long row of limber holes, which provided free flooding between the double hulls.

    In the Cold War era, that commitment began with the massive submarine construction programs initiated immediately after World War II-the long-range Project 611/Zulu, the medium-range Project 613/Whiskey, and the coastal Project 615/Quebec classes. Not only did these craft serve as the foundation for the Soviet Navy’s torpedo-attack submarine force for many years, but converted Zulus and Whiskeys were also the first Soviet submarines to mount ballistic and cruise missiles, and several other ships of these designs were employed in a broad range of research and scientific endeavors.

    These construction programs were terminated in the mid-1950s as part of the large-scale warship cancellations that followed dictator Josef Stalin’s death in March 1953. But the cancellations also reflected the availability of more-advanced submarine designs. Project 641 (NATO Foxtrot) would succeed the 611/Zulu as a long-range torpedo submarine, and Project 633 (NATO Romeo) would succeed the 613/Whiskey as a medium-range submarine. There would be no successor in the coastal category as the Soviet Navy increasingly undertook “blue water” operations. Early Navy planning provided for the construction of 160 Project 641/ Foxtrot submarines.

    Designed by Pavel P. Pustintsev at TsKB-18 (Rubin), Project 641 was a large, good-looking submarine, 2991/2 feet (91.3 m) in length, with a surface displacement of 1,957 tons. Armament consisted of ten 21-inch (533-mm) torpedo tubes-six bow and four stern. Project 641/Foxtrot had three diesel engines and three electric motors with three shafts, as in the previous Project 611/Zulu (and smaller Project 615/Quebec). Beyond the increase in range brought about by larger size, some ballast tanks were modified for carrying fuel. Submerged endurance was eight days at slow speeds without employing a snorkel, an exceptional endurance for the time. The Foxtrot introduced AK-25 steel to submarines, increasing test depth to 920 feet (280 m). The large size also provided increased endurance, theoretically up to 90 days at sea.

    The lead ship, the B-94, was laid down at the Sudomekh yard in Leningrad on 3 October 1957 she was launched-64 percent complete-in less than three months, on 28 December. After completion and sea trials, she was commissioned on 25 December 1958. Through 1971 the Sudomekh Admiralty complex completed 58 ships of this design for the Soviet Navy.

    Additional units were built at Sudomekh from 1967 to 1983 specifically for transfer to Cuba (3), India (8), and Libya (6). The Indian submarines were modified for tropical climates, with increased air conditioning and fresh water facilities. Later, two Soviet Foxtrots were transferred to Poland. The foreign units brought Project 641/Foxtrot production to 75 submarines, the largest submarine class to be constructed during the Cold War except for the Project 613/Whiskey and Project 633/Romeo programs.

    (Two Project 641 submarines are known to have been lost, the B-37 was sunk in a torpedo explosion at Polnaryy in 1962 and the B-33 sank at Vladivostok in 1991.)

    The Soviet units served across the broad oceans for the next three decades. They operated throughout the Atlantic, being deployed as far as the Caribbean, and in the Pacific, penetrating into Hawaiian waters. And Foxtrots were a major factor in the first U. S.-Soviet naval confrontation.

    T-5 nuclear torpedo

    The Soviet Navy sought to develop a nuclear weapon to use, exactly as the U. S. Navy had. The first of these was the T-5 nuclear torpedo. This weapon had trouble early in conventional performance trials as the detonator tended to go off prematurely due to the effect of ocean turbulence on the torpedo passing through the water. Nonetheless, after the warhead was successfully detonated at the Novaya Zemlya nuclear test center, a trial-firing of the T-5 at the same location in 1957 by S-144 under the command of Captain Second Rank G. V. Lasarev resulted in a 10- kiloton nuclear explosion that destroyed a half dozen target ships. The results pleased the naval high command and provided them with a capability that enormously enhanced the potential effectiveness of their still largely conventional submarine fleet. Between 1957 and 1961, Soviet scientists and engineers rendered the warhead independent, so it could ride with any torpedo then in the navy’s submarine arsenal. Lavrenti Beria, who was also the head of the nuclear industry in the Soviet Union at the time, reportedly referred to the weapon as RDS, an acronym for “Stalin’s Revenge.” (Stalin had died in 1953.) By early 1961 only a final test of the new weapon remained.

    To many of the Soviet submariners, proceeding with the tests of nuclear weapons was premature, given that there were already deadly serious problems with Soviet submarines, both diesel-powered and nuclear.

    The horrifying rate of Soviet submarine accidents did nothing to slow the command emphasis on nuclear weapons development even though it sometimes slowed or halted the actual tests themselves. The Foxtrot l submarine B-37 received the initial assignment to perform the final tests of the T-5 torpedo, which the Soviet Navy counted on to be able to defeat American aircraft carrier task forces. The B-37 was commanded by thirty-five-year-old Captain Second Rank A. S. Begeba, who seemed a good choice based upon his experience and the respect he received from his crew and colleagues. Shortly before the test date, early in the morning as the crew brought the boat’s systems on line, B-37 experienced a catastrophic explosion while resting at the pier. Eyewitnesses saw flame surge out of the snorkel pipe just before the entire bow ex- ploded. Hydrogen accumulation had likely caused an explosion when the electrical systems came alive and the resulting fire detonated some of the torpedoes. The explosion killed fifty-nine B-37 crewmen, nine- teen men aboard adjacent submarines, and fifty-four more on shore. The force of the blast propelled the vessel’s anchor to the shore 1.2 miles away from the dock. The Northern Fleet now needed another candidate to perform the nuclear tests.

    That replacement was Captain Second Rank Nikolai Shumkov’s B- 130 Foxtrot. In October 1961, Shumkov received orders at the Polyarni submarine base to test the torpedo above the Arctic Circle at Novaya Zemlya’s twelve-kilometer firing range. The experimental team governing the test asked the fleet meteorologists for a day that might provide winds blowing toward the North Pole. They wanted to divert the nuclear cloud both for reasons of safety and to avoid any NATO attempts to guess their purpose by means of air sampling. The army’s nuclear weapons program would also mask their event by testing a much more powerful 30-megaton warhead at a site in the eastern Soviet Union.

    Shumkov received instructions to aim the torpedo toward the end of the test range at a specific location that would place the warhead in proximity to data collection devices operating for only a few seconds as the explosion took place. The torpedo would detonate by means of a time fuse and not on contact with any test ship or landmass. Just before departing Polyarni, Shumkov had minor difficulties with his vessel’s compass and did not completely trust the device for this sobering and dangerous business. Instead he used his periscope and visual reckoning to make the shot. To assist the commander of the test boat, the staff at Novaya Zemlya placed a huge wooden visual targeting aid at the point where the detonation should take place.

    Accompanied by a minesweeper as a monitoring ship, B-130 carried two nuclear torpedoes to the test site through some very rough seas on the morning of October 23. Shumkov had already decided that while he would fire and report as ordered, he would also move his vessel out of line with the target as fast as he possibly could after launch. He did not relish the idea of the shock wave and the deadly nuclear cloud.

    Between four and five o’clock on the afternoon of October 23, 1961, B-130 launched the new torpedo and Shumkov briefly experienced the blinding flash of the detonation through his periscope. As he maneuvered his boat to place part of an island between it and the blast, the shock wave struck. The force of the blast transmitted through the water tossed his boat around like a toy. Barely able to keep control, Shumkov felt relieved that at least the ocean would protect his crew to some degree from the resulting fallout. The detonation came in at 10 kilotons, the same as the earlier test with the T-5 prototype.

    Four days later B-130 returned to the test site to repeat the process. The first test torpedo exploded well below the surface, providing data on a detonation in the submarine’s natural environment. In this second test, the staff at Novaya Zemlya set the weapon to run and explode at shallow depth, making the blast more of a surface effect than a submerged test. Shumkov did not envy the ground crew at the site charged with cleaning up the first effort and placing a new targeting aid in place for the next test shot. No precautions were taken to protect them from the radioactive fallout. In essence, they sacrificed themselves, whether they knew it or not at the time, to the best interests of the Soviet system.

    The second shot went as well as the first. Shumkov’s effort won the applause of admirals and test staff alike. Rear Admiral Yamshikov asked him to prepare a list of those personnel critical to his success because they certainly deserved recognition. The B-130’s commander had the feeling that the admiral had already composed his own list and made the request as a formality. Regardless of the decorations destined for the crew, three months later Shumkov received the Order of Lenin, the highest award then available to a naval officer. This precious symbol of achievement complemented the Ushakov Medal he received from the submarine force after bringing B-130 back to Polyarni. Yet he felt better about having ensured the safety of his boat and crew than receiving the medals and orders resting on his chest. He did not know that the accolades would bring him and his crew a new and even more responsible assignment within the year.

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    Iranian Rockets Become Even More Powerful As Israel Lacks Options To Contain Tehran Influence


    BTC: 3Gbs4rjcVUtQd8p3CiFUCxPLZwRqurezRZ,

    BCH ABC: qpf2cphc5dkuclkqur7lhj2yuqq9pk3hmukle77vhq,

    ETH: 0x9f4cda013e354b8fc285bf4b9a60460cee7f7ea9

    Despite Israel’s best efforts, Iran’s influence and presence in the Middle East, and in Syria specifically is spreading.

    One could blame that on the Biden administration’s halt in the “maximum pressure” campaign, but that influence was increasing even when Donald Trump sat in the White House.

    Currently, Iran is furthering its interests and there is little to truly deter it.

    On February 1 st , Iran carried out its first successful missile launch since Joe Biden became president.

    The missile is the Zuljanah, Iran’s newest domestic built satellite-carrying rocket. It is hailed as Tehran’s “most powerful rocket engine” and it can either carry a 220-kilogram satellite, or up to 10 smaller ones.

    The Trump Administration, and also Israel have repeatedly accused Iran of using such tests as a way to develop capability for ballistic missiles with a nuclear warhead.

    On the very same day, Iran also notified the US that it couldn’t simply rejoin the Nuclear Deal, that the sanctions had to go.

    Currently, the Biden Administration appears to be considering its actions, and is not undertaking any further movements to antagonize Tehran.

    This stillness is something Israel is discontent with, as it provides Iran and its proxies to operate rather freely.

    Tel Aviv is likely feeling a sense of urgency, as even Hezbollah launched an anti-aircraft missile at its drone. That is a rare occurrence.

    The Iron Dome was also recently updated and tested out against advanced drones and smaller missiles. That is something both Iran and its proxies are quite adequate at employing.

    The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) arrested a shepherd who cross from Syria into soil occupied by Israel and was apprehended. Threats are all around, and the paranoia is growing.

    The concern and need to dig in and protect its own is also apparent in the Juniper Falcon exercise that began on February 4 th . It is a join cooperation between the IDF and US European Command.

    The drill focuses on improving cooperation, and improving the joint ability to defend from external threats.

    Defending both the Israeli and US interests in the Middle East from external threat may become reality sooner, rather than later.

    One of the battlegrounds where the US-Israeli bloc feels itself threatened is Syria. On February 4 th , the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced that it had secured the Homs-Deir Ezzor highway. The next operation may take place in the Hama-Aleppo-Raqqa triangle.

    The SAA, together with Russian aerial support, and likely some Iranian assistance are making progress.

    When ISIS activity goes down, as a result of these operations, Israel will potentially need to be more careful in its raids and activities, because its adversaries may have their hands mostly untied.

    Any neutral observer would easily notice that, currently, Iran and the Damascus government are achieving success in their endeavors. And that happens in spite of the actions of ISIS, Israel, Turkey and the US.

    US-Russia Joint Statement, Putin’s Remarks Following ‘Constructive’ Meeting With Joe Biden

    Turkey Arrested Senior ISIS Commander During Intelligence Operation In Syria

    New Israeli Strikes On Gaza – New Hope For Netanyahu

    Syrian Artillery Hammered Another Turkish Post In Greater Idlib (Videos, Photos)

    Frankly, the Zionists are just cowards and petty criminals and child killers strutting on dumb American tax dollars and never had a chance against Iran, a powerful unified state of 84 million people covering a land mass of 1.64 million sq kms.


    the coward does not have a magazine — probably really a janitor.
    From the reign of Nero to that of Antoninus Pius, the Jews discovered a fierce impatience of the dominion of Rome, which repeatedly broke out in the most furious massacres and insurrections. Humanity is shocked at the recital of the horrid cruelties which they committed in the cities of Egypt, of Cyprus, and of Cyrene, where they dwelt in treacherous friendship with the unsuspecting natives, and we are tempted to applaud the severe retaliation which was exercised by the arms of the legions against a race of fanatics whose dire and credulous superstition seemed to render them the implacable enemies not only of the Roman government, but of human kind…………….- Edward Gibbon, Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776)

    “probably really a janitor” LOL HAHAHA

    and the jews know they are doomed despite their iron dome and the last desperate measure is to get the disunited states of A to lead the charge,but not even the morons will be able to do something about Iran, too big and too many Iranians. what a larf. and that the morons are trying to sideline hezbollah in Lebanon won’t work and the pipeline across lebanons seabed the jews need to be able to build a pipeline to europe won’t be built and remember the natural gas the jews are trying to bring to the market isn’t theirs to sell -it’s the palestinian people (unfortunately the european union is prepared to act a fence for the jews and buy the stolen gas once it lands in Italy – it won’t happen).

    Go fuck yourself FREE MAN!!

    Making love with Gulf States and the USA and bombing shia in Syria aint the best approach for Israël to deal with Iran. Better to respect Iran, stop Israëli agression in the region, give stolen land back and offer friendship.

    You are wise man. The days of threatening the resurgent Scythian ancient warrior states of Turkey, Russia or Iran are long gone.

    The three great Eurasian powers of today, as historically, were the Scythians, the Huns and the Mongols, all warrior tribes of the steppes, originating from the nomadic tribes of Persia. Today, the same powers are manifesting as Russia, Iran and Turkey and the Zionist threats and bluster may work on the largely ignorant Arabs, not on these great ancient people known for their ferocity and strategic acumen.

    but, but BUTT, Pisrael the imported cancerous mighty mouse is sooo “powerful” that it can kill unarmed Arab women and children with US funded missiles. What a fucking joke the Zionist cowards have become. They mess with Iran and that will be their end.

    there is a message that says mess with iran and you are done at the end

    …and save too. My Jewish friend who is married to a Nigerian women and the have a son had to leave hostile Israel, the Jews are the most racist scum on the planet. My friend lives know in Nigeria and loves it.

    I hope so – the existence of the storm trooper group Israel is a threat to all human life.

    Sadly, the Sunni Arabs are not that bright, but your comment needs to taken onboard as these Wahhabi family run monarchies are licking Zionist boots at the wrong time of history. Israel will not last as too many factors from demography to US decline are pointing to its oblivion much faster than most think.

    Wahhabis aren’t that bright, not Sunni or whatever, because there are 85%of so called Sunnis in SAA.

    India despite US pressure has always treated Iran with respect and never had a problem. The Arabs need to look at the map and see reality. Even India today recognised Chinese strength and diffused the Ladakh situation as a conflict was only in US interest. Asians are mature people and the Arabs can learn from. Iran will only grow stronger by the sheer dint of its size and geo-strateic position and immense natural resources.

    Unfortunately, there are some mythical fantasy gods in the picture that will make peace and tolerance difficult.


    G. W. was one of the worst … he created 9/11 in order to justify attacks, murder on other people and countries.

    Israel should be locked down permanently.
    (1) It was founded on Genocide & War Crimes(read the bible)
    (2) It is a Welfare state NOT a Nation.
    (3) Jews have no “historical right” there … out of 10,000 years of settlement Jews barely held it for 500, and most of those were under Foreign domination.
    (4) Jews are CURRENTLY engaging in Ethnic Cleansing of the indigineous People.

    Tell you – as a person whose ancestors came from the Neanderthal we suffered for 400.000 years! …take the Phoenicians for example…

    Do you mean by that bombing Muslims all over the middle east, headchopping and massacres all people from all religions and that’s all done by Satanic sect named Wahhabism.

    I prophecied that the zionist occupation of israel would be no more within 9 years.
    It seems I will have to revise my prophecy to an earlier date …

    CIA analysis gives it 20 years, that was conducted in 2016, long before US implosion.

    The CIA analysts are pretty good but the world is evolving at an accelerated pace.
    I’m factoring in that the rise of China will have a lot of indirect effects accelerating the fall of the US and it’s Satrapies in the Middle East …

    You are right, the CIA is a closed Jew and WASP shop with group think, but now they are totally baffled by the rapid pace of change. I served in Iran in the 70’s in MAAG and never had any doubts about the quiet strength of Persians. They are natural empire builders and with a strong culture have also incorporated others. The Zionists are outsiders and miscalculated their own propaganda.

    when has the CIA ever been right? according to ex CIA analyst ray mcGovern ( they are nearly always wrong

    CIA are a bunch of inbred racist idiots who have been forecasting a Sino-Indian war for 50 years now.

    they have their banyas in india so they can control india to large degree

    since sassoon family did control to the west its basically as if india doesnt really exist but at the same time this theater is going on but whatever

    Where does the cia say that? I’d love to see this report.

    Google is your best friend. But of course it is most comfortable to sit in the chair to ask others to scoop out their knowledge.

    Google is nobody’s friend.
    Duck duck go or yandex.

    Yandex is good. Be careful of DuckDuck, I think they re-use google’s search …

    It’s there. Dig it up. You’re a smart guy with a search engine.

    Henry Kissinger gave it 10 years, 10 years ago.

    So that Free man voted you down. Possibly he thinks the Zionist way is the best. Let others do the work you yourself are too lazy to do.

    Oh we all know that guy, he is an obvious liar.
    Trust me, he fools nobody.

    I just enjoy putting H0M0 Shlomos

    Southfront analysis is spot on and should be taken very seriously by any mature strategic analyst as the whole regional equation has been altered by the extension of Iranian power in the post US defeatist era.

    In the Middle East, Iran is leading the way with sheer quality and quantity
    it is currently converting all its older rockets and missiles into precision
    weapons. It also supplies its allies in the region with expertise and materials with which
    to build their own precision missile capabilities—hence the Precision Project
    of Hezbollah and other Iranian allies in the region. It is widely estimated
    that today Hezbollah possesses a larger and more destructive missile force than
    most NATO states, bar the US.

    Why is Israel so anxious after failing to frustrate Hezbollah’s Precision

    Because once it has been achieved, it now elevates Hezbollah’s war-making
    capability to that of a powerful state military force. Hezbollah possess all
    the advantages of an offensive air force without needing to own a
    single expensive and vulnerable combat aircraft. Its precision missiles will be
    able to paralyze any vital installation or pummel any civilian population center
    in Israel causing mass panic and exodus. Its airports, infrastructure and
    military airbases will turn to cinders, and that is why Israel is stationing
    some of its aircraft in UAE, also making it a potential Hezbollah, Yemeni or Iranian

    Iran’s accurate ballistic missiles, drones and loitering munitions are defining new ways that wars are
    fought. The strategic mass that Iran has accumulated via the rising power of the Axis of Resistance should be a cautionary tale for any Arab vassal state that thinks that the US will protect them. Iran has been in the region for over 3,000 years while the US is doddering after mere 200 years and now relegated to a has been after being bogged in two decades of lost wars for Zionism. The Arabs need to acknowledge Persian supremacy as Zionists are not going to last for long. The winds of change are too powerful.

    foreign minister Zion and dog catcher tratz and her alias Jacob biscuit will express their fear at SF, bark like fearsome chihuahua…..hizbollah feeds them popcorn

    WHO is the “FREE MAN” thumbing down TRUTH and common sense??

    A terrorist, to not sugar coat it!

    So are Israeli Mossad aka ISIS

    iron zion is a fat old geezer azriel herskowitz not so much looking like iron more like rotten meat XD

    The end of Israel will be like that of the apartheid regime of Pretoria. A gradual decline with a whimper toward the end. The ‘oriental heenb brews’ will likely trickle on out toward their camel jockey countries of origin. Iran will admit its Persian yahudian back, no big deal. These colored Jews won’t fit in the West now that its turned increasingly racist and xenophobic. The white Jews will head toward the NJ/ NY area and of course toward eastern Europe. It will be an uneventful end, very similar to the demise of the Pretoria regime of FW De-Klerk.

    That is what Nehru at the non-aligned movement predicted. The Apartheid regime is gone and Zionists are next destined for the well deserved garbage bin of history.

    True Ashok……they will either learn to accommodate or they gotta go. One major conflagration with Hezb, unleashing a million rockets on em, and the Zionist dream will be shattered overnight. Nobody would want to live,let alone raise a family in rocket alley central. Iran will sit a thousand miles away orchestrating this Semitic drama….lol….no sweat.

    The racist British criminals created this Zionist mess in Palestine. It was unsustainable.

    because the EU is racist…….they don’t want these shysters living amongst them. Balfour was a very smart man. He got rid of most of them, and succeeded in pitting the undesirable Jew against the anti trade and hostile Sunni Kaliphate. He shot two pigs in one shot. …… see the beauty of this move? He was a very cunning man. Bastard must be laughing in his grave.

    You have good grasp of history, my friend.

    The Ashkenazi = not Semite.

    Lord Balfour did not want the Jews to have a country of their own. In the vacuum after WW2, European governments were ruled by the Jew General Dwight D. Eisenhower and his Jewish-dominated staff members. In Norway, there was a Jew named Robert Chew from Scotland who had the power and descendants after them still control foreign policy. It was easy to get a majority from European governments to establish the state of Israel when in reality they had control in all European governments that took part in the war. The winner takes everything and it is a winner’s right. That’s why it’s profitable to win wars. Even today, Germany still pays down its war debt.

    Who are chew’s descendants in Norway that still have control?

    If you are interested, you must familiarize yourself with Norway’s war history to look at who has had and still has leading positions in government and care. The famous Jew and Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland is an example. But now it’s not my job to teach you everything you do not know. Is better if you read for yourself, to expand your horizons and then you will see with your own eyes all the Jewish names that still hold important positions.

    Eisenhower was not a jew. Don’t panic and deny history. Lord Balfour was not Jewish either. Don’t make shit up. You’d only lose credibility around here. They created Israel so they can have a toady in place and keep the sunni world in check.

    I’d prefer to see an eventful END!

    No, Iran is not suicidal. Ok?……there are better ways to handle this.

    i want Tel Aviv bombed NOT Tehran.

    Not true. The end of Israel will come at the tip of a Yakhonts supersonic nuke tipped missile, complements of Iran and the Hezb. There will be a mass slaughter. Perhaps only a few thousand will escape. Karma dictates it. History demands it.

    If it must be thus then so be it.

    But a peaceful victory by the Palestinians over the colonists will mean a moral victory for eternity.

    Whereas a violent victory will have the jews crying about a second holocaust for another 2000 years.

    Looking at the South African colonists, they just melted away in shame over the years … there was no coming back from that kind of humiliation.

    No, there won’t be a nuclear war……Same same outcome like South Africa…….quietly out the back door.

    I don’t think so. The elite (political elite and very wealthy will escape) leaving the masses to be slaughtered. The settlers need the slaughter most, then everyone who ever served in the terrorist IDF. The Zios are too arrogant to give it up.Apartheid South Africa has NOTHING on the slaughter that the Zios committed. No black squatter camp was ever bombed by F-16’s. The zio dogs need the worse slaughter one can imagine.

    Ewan, we ain’t animals like them…….gotto maintain some humanity and code of conduct. Unnecessary killing must be avoided at all cost. Any less would affect our image and our civilization. We can’t be like them.

    Killing them would be humane – we will save the rest of humanity from future Zio conpiracies

    I’m with Ahson on this one.

    When you defeat your enemy you must ensure you defeat him in both the moral dimension and on the ground.

    Lose the moral war and you lose the support of Humankind.

    Lose the support of Humankind and your victory will be short lived …

    Killing them would be humane – Iran will save the rest of humanity from future Zio conspiracies

    It was the biggest injustice to the previously oppressed – that Whites got away with barely a wrist slapping. None of the perpetrators of the brutality of the Apartheid regime were ever brought to justice – only their low level hand maidens. All the Whites had to do was “confess” at the TRC so they could be forgiven. That entrenches White Supremacy – that their lives matter more than the thousands of Blacks who died at their hands. This must never be allowed to happen in Palestine – EVERY Israeli living in Palestine has a hand in the slaughter. Blood in, Blood out. There HAS to be a joyful massacre of these pigs

    This is why I have no sympathy for the whites when they complain about the farm murders happening in South Africa.

    This is simply the law of cause and effect which we call “Universal Justice” …

    This has been my prediction since I saw the Pretoria regime fall with my own eyes.

    There too, they had nuclear weapons and threatened a ‘Samson Option’.

    But De Klerk saw the light and saved the skins of the whites from a genocide.

    So it will be in Jerusalem.

    “Only the consulate was caught…” – Meaning it is not “nice and clean job”

    You don’t seem to understand the consequences of this action. A normal country isn’t supposed to murder civilians on a friendly country soil.
    It comes just a week after the diplomat Assadollah Assadi and his three accomplices were found guilty for attempted terrorist murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist group.

    MEK idiot apply cold water to the burned area. We give a shit about “normal country” aka being US puppet

    A nice way to describe poor planning and even worse execution.

    he will be released soon, although US is looking for a way to free some of its CIA prisoners in Iran. But MEK will be finished soon in Tirana and Paris, take care of yourself

    “he will be released soon” – Like Assadollah Assadi.

    No more like Shapour Bakhtiar, Mykonos operation, and .. agents who got released very early :) ask why

    If the Turks wanted to release him, they wouldn’t report his arrest.

    Turks? lol you are dumb. Better stop talking about such topics Idiot. You are even scared to come with your real name 11.000 km away from Iran, that is why you use fake name hahaha koskesh

    So Emad Irani Is your real name. LOL.
    It’s amazing that you guys are talking about fools / Idiot / dumb , after all the fuck ups of your impotent and retarded regime.

    So you are PROUD of the DEGENERACY and moral BANKRUPTCY of what is NITWITYAHU and IsraHELL? PISS off widdle H0M0 Shlomo.

    When the foam comes out of your mouth take the pink pills with water . If that doesn’t help, press the red button and the nurse will come.

    Try bashing that empty room temp noggin you got on a large rock or brick wall. The 2 remaining neurons you have may actually fire giving you a cogent thought. But I doubt it! LOL

    yes it is. You have a problem with that? not my fault that your mom slept with US soldiers back then yankee. You dreaming coming to Iran? You will peg out in your own cancerous shit hole country in which you can’t decide your own “democratic” elected president hahaha

    You can only dream of a life like mine.
    This is thanks to the fact that my parents left Iran on time.
    When the mullahs regime falls I will buy whole streets from people like you. As time goes on, your properties become cheaper for me.

    So your parents were the rich elite rats that scampered away with Iran’s wealth while leaving commoners to suffer the problems the West caused?

    I suppose your parents lived fat and happy while ordinary Iranians were starving and protecting in the streets?

    The rats always flee the ship first …

    When the mullahs regime falls I will buy whole streets from people like you

    This is why pigs like you should never be allowed into any country.
    Greedy rats who want to own what belongs to common people.

    People like you will always be jealous of those who are willing to pursue higher education and work hard.
    You want the easy life. But life does not reward laziness, and stupidity, deal with it.

    You’ve constructted a straw man based on two false assumptions:

    a) I am not willing to pursue high education.
    b) I am not hardworking.

    Not surprising since all you say on this site is false, distortions of truth, or semi-truth:

    And when you are called out on your lies you deflect with statements like the above.

    Israel will be Glass in a desert of Sand long before Mullahs are gone

    Is “Free Man” an alias for “Shlomo Shekelstein”?

    No Fuck-Up bigger than Mossads 911 Job. Designed to invade Iraq, it brought down Israel’s only protection against Iranian influence – Saddam – and now Iran threatens Israel’s very existence – sorry, Hizbollah threatens Israel’s very existence. For last 40 years Iranian influence in Middle East grows day by Day, while both Israel and its daddy, USA, grows weaker. Who is the bigger [email protected] – up REGIME – RabbI REGIME of Poor White EuroTrashGhettoRats or Mullah Regime?

    This ‘THING’ is all up and down this thread. Likely a PAID zioNUT habaRAT P0S.

    You should see all the stupid shit Mossad and IDF get up to.

    Those two groups are dumb as hell but market like they’re geniuses.

    Mossad travels around the world and kills those they do not like.

    When was the last time a Mossad agent was arrested for killing a civilian in a friendly country?

    search about the Mossad killer Sylvia Raphael how they wanted to avenge the Munich Massacre but targeted some arab civilians around Europe (Lillehammer affair) idiot yankee

    Did you really give an example from 50 years ago?

    Did you really go all up though this thread to POLICE FREE SPEECH for your filthy zioNUT masters in Tel Aviv?

    Pooor widdle Shlomo the hasbaRAT clown.

    Besides botched Mossad operation to murder Meshaal, that stolen , pissy country started its life with terrorism and assasinations when the IDF (STERN GANG) murdered Swedish diplomat Count Olaf Bernadotte and ran back to their filthy European ghetto rat holes.

    it was a small example. There are many others from today Yankee. Again apply cold water to the burned area

    Did you specify a time-limit?
    Is it relevant?
    The same criminal israeli regime’ is present now as it was 50 years ago.

    Mosad plans well and gets away with his crime. In several cases, they also receive support from the country’s rulers.

    “Mosad plans well and gets away …” – I agree with you. I wanted to show the poor planning and execution of the agents of the mullahs regime. While guys here invent imaginary victories.

    I dont. Thy are amoral SATANIC SLIME that rape little GIRLS to death, BLACKMAIL BOTH Parties in theUSA to serve their degenerate NITWITYAHU of IsraHELL and INFEST every corner they can in this world.


    Mosad plans well and gets away

    Not really. Mossad’s blunders are numerous and well documented.

    As for “getting away”, easy to do that when you have the shielding of a corrupt UN and a superpower.

    My comments are not for brainwashed sheep like you. Sheep like you will continue to buy the lies of the mullahs oppressive regime and their imaginary victories.

    Nothing to say? Only ad hominems?

    You have no argument anymore.

    Just ONE of Israel’s MANY screwed up Assasination attempts that went public – the the 6 man team that tried to kill Khalid Mashaal:

    How about a MOSSAD agent RAPING girls some to death to BLACKMAIL BOTH PARTIES you piece of GARGBAGE?
    Epstein and MAXWELL

    It’s irrelevant if the country is friendly or not.

    It is irrelevant whether the target is civilian or not.

    Extra Judicial Killing on foreign soil is illegal within the same system that israel is supposed to conform to.

    The most obvious case of Khalid Meshaal:

    Yet you give a PASS to DEGENERATE zioNUTS who DID 911, RAPED AND BLACKMAILED WITH Epstein and ARE ISIS.

    A normal country isn’t supposed to murder civilians on a friendly country soil.

    A ‘normal’ country? This excludes the US and it’s mini-me, israel.

    I see you’ve carefully tailored your morality to exclude:

    – A country that murders peacemakers on foreign soil (Soleimani)

    – A country that murders civilians on the soil of a country it’s not friends with (Iranian nuclear scientists)

    – Attacking the soldiers of a friendly country and calling it friendly fire (USS liberty)

    Everyone here sees through your hypocrisy. You fool nobody.

    The fake state of israel, whose balls you suck is famous for this kind of activity:

    – November 28, 1962 Heluan Egypt 5 Egyptian factory workers

    Most famously, the reptilian jews even kill those who help them:

    Folke Bernadotte, Count of Wisborg (2 January 1895 – 17 September 1948) was a Swedish nobleman and diplomat. In World War II he negotiated the release of about 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps, including 450 Danish Jews from the Theresienstadt camp.

    They were released on 14 April 1945.[1][2][3] In 1945 he received a German surrender offer from Heinrich Himmler, though the offer was ultimately rejected.

    After the war, Bernadotte was unanimously chosen to be the United Nations Security Council mediator in the Arab–Israeli conflict of 1947–1948. He was assassinated in Jerusalem in 1948 by the paramilitary Zionist group Lehi while pursuing his official duties.

    But Israel does it daily – for the past 70 years. but i guess zio exceptionalism dictates that it is ok.

    arabs will kiss the hand they cant cut off and an iranian would know this

    Arabs are finished, politically bankrupt and irrelevant. 10% of the Muslim world (Shia) now control the other 90%. Iran and Iranian policy will be the force that rules the Middle East for the decades to come. – 40 years of patient planning + 1 colossal Jew-US mistake after another (Iraqi invasion) + brilliant tacticians (Soleimani) has eclipsed the combined strategic planning, thinking and execution of Israel and the US. This pathway is irreversible. Israel is witnessing its last days. If barefooted impoverished Yemeni tribesmen crush and humiliate jew-US ZioSaudis daily, think what the combined efforts of Iran’s proxies will do in a war against Israel.

    you will change the red area sooner or later into green and see your mistake on your map you show off

    Having a strong rocket ballistic force that is mobile or properly defended, is better than having an air force that relies on airfields and static logistical sites that are fixed.
    After a surprise sortie or two, the ballistic rockets that are rather precise would damage the airfields to an extent where the Air Force looses planes on the ground, or does not have safe runways to land the planes. Advantage precision guided ballistic missiles.

    You don’t even need to fire at the airfields or the airplanes.

    Just fire directly at the industrial and key cities, the airforce will submit immediately.

    My comparison was made on the basis of military basis, without involving any civilians.

    Cold Fact of War: You need to OCCUPY to change the facts on the ground. Israel cannot occupy, not Lebanon, not Syria, not Iran

    Not even a tiny strip like Gaza. Barely the West Bank.

    Occupying ground does not guarantee a victory, insurgency develops in the place of conventional war.
    Israel’s doctrine is to fight wars and finish them quickly for reasons of casualties and depletion of armaments and munitions.

    Israeli “doctrine” is to destabilize the entire ME, thereby having weak, fractured states unable to pose a threat to Israeli Hegemony. Strategy is to fight a rapid war with minimal casualties-read Sun Tzu – Every war is fought on the basis that it will be quick. You confuse the two. Israel attempted the first and was briefly successful as they raided and invaded Lebanon, occupied it and installed puppet Phalangist Christian government. Hezbollah was born out of 1982 brutal invasion – since then, no more invasions. Since 2000, Israel literally RAN from Lebanon, unable to occupy and destabilise or Rule. From then onwards, Israel could only conduct ineffective air campaigns – deliberately against civilians, to turn public opinion against Hizbollah. They tried a full scale invasion in 2006 – but barely penetrated 5km into South Lebanon. Occupation never guarantees victory – but an air campaign always guarantees a false victory – Afghanistan is the latest case inpoint. Every war will generate an Insurgency – White supremacists expect non White races to roll over and accept their “enlightened” rule.

    “”” Israeli “doctrine” is to destabilize the entire ME, thereby having weak, fractured states unable to pose a threat to Israeli Hegemony. Strategy is to fight a rapid war with minimal casualties-read Sun Tzu -”””

    Egypt and Iran pose a direct threat to Israel, they destabilized Iraq and Syria to an extent, however, they came into the Iranian orbit. Sun tzu type of warfare took place in 56, 67, and to a lesser degree in 73. There is no Israeli hegemony, they can only take care of business around their border. US has been neutralized by Iran and its proxies in the ME….when 3 decades ago could do anything in the ME to perpetrate the Zionist agenda.

    Occupying ground does not guarantee victory, this is true, but not occupying ground leaves you far closer to defeat.

    “Everyone has a ‘doctrine’ until they get punched in the face.”

    Surgical strikes to destroy most armed assets of an enemy is sufficient victory, If situation requires key infrastructure destruction that can be done as well.
    I was talking about a possible war between Israel and Iran.
    Tyson was a brute without any inkling of military strategy or tactics…..apparently he forgot what a counter punch was.

    This ‘surgical strikes’ nonsense has been tried from Vietnam, to Yemen to Iraq to Syria.

    It has never been the reason for achieving anything close to victory.

    Particularly in the mountainous territory of Iran, surgical strikes will have no significant effect overall.

    Against israel, yes, it will work because they have no strategic depth. However the reason for israel’s defeat will be the lack of strategic depth.

    Don’t take Tyson’s word for it, the same essential lesson was stated differently by Helmut von Moltke a seasoned Prussian military commander:

    No plan of operations reaches with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main force.

    This is in essence exactly what Tyson is saying.

    In my experience, individuals who understand war in the ring on a 1:1 basis have an intuitive understanding of what it means on a larger scale. So I wouldn’t discount Tyson just yet.

    “”” This ‘surgical strikes’ nonsense has been tried from Vietnam, to Yemen to Iraq to Syria.”””

    Not in Vietnam, where there was a gradual involvement, had US leveled N. Vietnam and its armed assets, including Haiphong, things would be different.
    In Yemen you have Saudi ineptitude, in Syria you have old weapons being outclassed by EW technology.

    “”” Don’t take Tyson’s word for it, the same essential lesson was stated differently by Helmut von Moltke a seasoned Prussian military commander:”””

    During WW 1, and the Franco Prussian war troops marched in columns and faced the enemy face to face.
    Moltke’s strategy caused the WW 1 to be an utter disaster where enemies faced each other in trenches, charged each other in spite of machine gun fire and heavy artillery.

    I don’t like people saying US/Zion “interest” <- that is just nice way of saying they want it their way and their way ONLY…money/oil/trade/etc. They want to loot Middle East that their goal…US never help if they isn't anything for them, motherfuker came right of Satan ass hole and suck Satan children, Zion.

    Counterfire happens, and Israel is no slouch when it comes to military stuff, and if the day comes when Iran launches full-scale on Israel, they will ‘win’, comma, it will be a Pyrrhic victory and Iran will lay in radioactive ruins also. And there will be no UN-helpies. There won’t be an Israel, but there won’t be enough of Iran left to write home about. Background radiation count, anyone? That’s where it all seems to be going, making the Hot Place even hotter…make sure to take your radiation pills.

    Iran will be doing the “Counter firing”, not israel. Iran will be doing a full scale defensive strike.

    The victory will not be Pyrrhic, even with nuclear weapons.

    Iran’s geography provides substantial defense from the consequences of a nuclear attack.

    However israel will be completely gone.

    Iran will recover to tell the tell, while Tel Aviv, Haifa and Ashdod lie in ruins, being picked over by the Palestinians.

    Nukes are mostly useless in mountainous terrain.

    Have you ever looked at a map of Iran?

    Unless you plan on murduring innocent civilians of course!¡

    Protected by multiple mountain ranges.
    Dry, minimal habitatation in the center.
    Marsh Arabs, Azerbaijanis, Armenians, Balochis at the edges.
    Iranis mostly tucked into mountain areas.

    Any nuclear attack is going to solve more problems for Iran than it creates … sad to say.

    A nice metaphor: In the Avesta there is the Atar, the holy healing fire.
    A nuclear fire would be like that for Iran, a liberating fire despite the tragedy.

    Iran would survive, but it would be very clear after that that it must become a nuclear power.
    within a few years it will be nuclear armed to the teeth and nobody will be able to do anything about it.

    Of course, there would be no israel left by that time …

    “Pyrrhic?” – Not a single “jew” will be alive – leaving about 10 million in the rest of the world. 1 Billion Muslims will be alive to repopulate the Middle East. Iran will survive, the Ziothieves will not

    The sight of the “STAR of DEATH” sends a frightening and offensive message to ALL NON-Jews.
    “The classes and the races (RACES) too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way…. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust.” -Karl Marx, Marx People’s Paper, April 16, 1856, Journal of the History of Idea, 1981 ………….. “RACIST HOLOCAUST” advocated by a JEW against NON-Jews years before Hitler was even born ………
    Israel does not have a ‘right to exist”, because Israel is born of genocide and war crimes against the Indigeonous People of PALESTINE that ISRAEL brags about. To recognize their false claim today is to validate crimes against humanity. The Palestinians were in Palestine for THOUSANDS of years before israel was thought of.
    The “STAR of DEATH” represents the ORIGINAL “nazis”, the perpetrators and braggarts of the Humanity’s first SHOAH: FUNNY that everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of what they brag about doing to the ORIGINAL Palestinians.
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    SEXUALLY ENSLAVE any females “who have not KNOWN a man”
    a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH” is a good start.

    Watch the video: ΣΤΑΓΟΝΕΣ ΚΑΠΝΟΥ - ΕΙΔΑ


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